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Picture of me (Sofia Covre), the psychologist/owner of this site, with the sentence "Hi, I'm Sofia Covre" written next to my face

Hi, I'm Sofia Covre

I’m a Brazilian psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in Jungian Psychology, currently focused on online therapy sessions for people all over the world.

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Mental health has always been considered an important area of our life that we need to take care of, but now more than ever. Social, financial and climate changes only add to our stress, and with the connectivity we have because of the internet, we are consistently updated in events all over the world, creating an incessant worry for the future. Coupled with our own personal life, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, pain, distress, nervousness and a plethora of other feelings/conditions, it is more difficult than ever before to maintain our mental health. Psychotherapy is one of the many ways to help and I’m here today to aid as many people as I can.

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